I am sure some of you are wondering  — “Why are there two people doing this blog and they live in two different states?” We have a pretty interesting story and we wanted to share it with you all so that you can understand how we came to the point of doing this blog together! This is a fairly condensed version but it hits the main points of everything!

Rachael and Marisa – Our Story 

Let’s rewind back to 2008

Our story began in a group on Facebook called “WTE November 08”. It was created from the website “What to Expect” for expectant mothers who were connected based on their upcoming due dates.  WTE became our “safe place” for questions/concerns/discussions about the many changes that come with pregnancy! Well, in case you haven’t gathered yet, we {Rachael and Marisa} were both a part of the group! Nine months+ passed and all of the ladies in the group had their babies, but we still remained very close friends connected through Facebook.

Nearly 7 years ago…. A LOT has changed!

 Marisa pregnant with Kinsley.
Rachael pregnant with Aiden.

Although we didn’t live in the same town (or even state for that matter—Marisa was in Wyoming and Rachael was in Texas), we would chat randomly and found that we had SO many things in common.  A few years later, what brought us even closer was CROCHET! Coincidentally, we were both taking on that hobby around the same time, and this really opened up a new door for our friendship. We started brainstorming new things we could crochet, helping each other find cool new patterns, and then soon we were chatting every, single day, about EVERYTHING!

Through the past 6 years we have remained connected through Facebook, and have realized how much we have in common—experiencing a lot of the same things since both of us have been stay-at-home/work-at-home mothers since having our 08 babies. We both had our second babies within a month of each other soon we became best friends — literally.  Through all of these years and having NEVER even met, we still can hardly go a day without chatting!

The thoughts started brewing in our heads, and conversations began a couple months ago of “It would be cool to start a blog together!” So now here we are, a couple months later, starting our blog together! We are so excited to start this journey together and so glad you are here to follow along! We do plan on meeting sometime in the near future and it will definitely be something we will share with you all!

— Rachael and Marisa

Rachael and Marisa – Our Story
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