Often I hear my kids say, “Daddy, I’m going to marry a police officer, like you, when I grow up” or “When I have a job, I’m going to be a cop, like you!” to my husband. Every time I hear comments like those, my heart melts a little and crushes at the same time.  I love being married to my husband. He is a sweet, loving, caring, gentle man… and he is a police officer.

He’s a police officer! He saves lives!  He keeps the town safe! He makes a difference!!!! But truthfully, it’s not all good. Sometimes it’s rarely “good”….

I don’t think that some people understand that when you marry someone who is a police officer, you also marry their job—100%.  You are married to them on the bad days.  The days when they come home barely able to say two words to you because they worked a suicide.  You are married to them when they snap at everyone at home, because they worked 10 extra hours the night before and still managed to get up and go to your kids’ school concert.  You are married to them on the nights where you cook dinner, call them to come home, and they are on their way to the jail with the second DUI of the night.  You are married to them on the nights (every night) when you can’t sleep until you hear their key in the door when they come home.   You are their rock, their sounding board, their support system, you listen because as much as you know you need THEM,  you know they really need someone too…..

You wouldn’t change a thing.

Our kids often hear us say, “Please go play in your room, we are talking about work” when my husband has something “bad” happen on the job. Right now our focus is to shelter them from the “bad” that Daddy has to deal with.  We always want them to see Daddy as their Hero.  Our oldest daughter came home from school last year, really upset.  She told us that one of the kid’s in her class pointed at her and said “That girl’s dad is a cop!  We all hate cops!”  and a bunch of the kid’s friends agreed and laughed.  This was the first time she’d ever had to really deal with her daddy’s job.. and that was hard for her!

We all know it won’t be her last……

In reality, as parents we deal with the issues of being a police family on a day to day basis.  We worry when the kids are outside playing. We worry when we go out to eat, or when we meet “new” people.. Not everyone loves cops!  Not everyone gets over the fact that your husband arrested someone they know. We’ve lost friends… best friends

 Not everyone understands how hard it is for these officers to do their jobs on a day to day basis.

 It’s really easy to judge something that you don’t understand.

Our kids don’t watch the news.  They won’t be able to recount the horrors of the shootings on the police officers in Dallas, TX or Baton Rouge, LA.  They won’t see the videos about the officer that was targeted during a traffic stop, nor will they see the Facebook posts that talk about how Law Enforcement needs to be on high alert.

However, our kids will be impacted.  They will see my husband and me pray and hold each other a little longer before he leaves for his shift.  They will see us crying for our fellow Thin Blue Line families who have lost their husband/wife/daddy/mommy/son/daughter.  They will remember how we include, “Please God, watch over all the officers who are away from their families working tonight” in every single dinner prayer.  They will probably be able to sense the change in mood and see the tears that fall when we hear about another life that was taken too soon….

They will see us standing together and supporting our “police family”.

Often, I get too caught up on social media reading articles about police officers and then fixating on all the comments.  Hearing “all cops are pigs”, “all cops are racist”, “there’s no such thing as a good cop”, etc. etc. SUCKS!  I hate that my kids are going to grow up in this era of “cop-hating”.  I don’t want them ever to doubt that police officers (their daddy and everyone who puts on that kevlar and goes to work) is a HERO.

I know that every single day my husband puts on his vest, kisses our family good-bye, and puts his life on the line to HELP other people.  He makes a difference.  As a police family we remind ourselves that “Nobody ever said it would be easy. They just said it would be worth it”.  It’s so worth it, so here we stand–

Together as a Family, Backing the Blue 100%

We are proud to be a police family!!



Our Police Family
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  • July 19, 2016 at 1:03 pm

    Beautifully written! With so much hatred going on everyday, it is crucial that we teach our children to respect law enforcement, appreciate all they do for us and encourage them to further their education on issues like what is going on in the status qup (when they are of an appropriate age). Thank you so much for this post!! ????????????


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