The Married Date Challenge

Living in Wyoming, a significant distance from our families, my husband, George, and I have noticed that our date nights are pretty few and far between.  We miss them!!! We miss the spontaneity of jumping in the car, not having to worry about babysitters, and just GOING OUT.  Now that we are married and have little ones to think about, date nights aren’t as easy as they once were.  

Now, in order to go out on a date, we really have to plan…  We have to find a babysitter, we have to save the pay the babysitter, we have to save to pay for the date, we have to plan a night/day when the babysitter is free, we have to make sure we aren’t planning it on a night when there’s a school function—it’s a lot of work, but we know it’s worth it!!!  

Last month I went to a fundraiser for a local fire department.  They had a really neat auction, and I won a “date night” and could not wait to use it!! It was for a tour of The Deerwood Ranch Wild Horse EcoSanctuary and dinner at The Beartree Tavern and Cafe.  Before winning this date night, we really had no idea that these awesome places were basically in our back yard, and were so excited to go check them out!


On our way to the ranch… George let me take a selfie 🙂

We had about an hour drive to get to the ranch, over the mountain. It was such a peaceful, gorgeous drive.  When we got to the ranch, the owner, Rich put us in his Gator and gave us the tour.  

Please excuse our crazy faces—we were having a blast! See “Pumpkin” in the back laying down?
Riding through the fields on the gator

The ranch is currently a sanctuary for about 300 wild horses, that otherwise would be confined in pens…but now can run free! The horses were simply breathtaking! To see them running free, playing with their “buddies” (Rich told us that each of the horses has a friend horse, that you will rarely see them without), and just enjoying life—was truly life changing!

That’s me PETTING one of the wild horses!!
George petting one of the horses

We had so much fun learning everything we could about these horses and how the ranch began. Rich was such an amazing, fun, and genuine tour guide—he made it even better then we ever could have ever imagined!  If you are ever in Wyoming, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go check this place out—you will NOT be disappointed! 




I still cannot get over the view!!










After the tour, we still had a few hours before dinner so we went to Laramie, WY to shop.  Guess what I learned about my husband that day???
He loves to look in little antique shops—WAY more then I do!! I was practically pulling him out of each store, having to explain to him (over and over again) why we did not need a new dining room table, or an antique gun replica… I do love you honey, but no… just no.

We finished shopping (George got a few things, I just enjoyed being out of the house) and then we headed to dinner.

When we walked into the BearTree, we were met by the nicest waiter ever imaginable.  I cannot remember what his name is—I know, horrible of me–but he was extremely helpful, genuine, and happy!!
We ended up ordering an appetizer, a large taco pizza—with vegatarian green chili as the sauce base (and when they say large, they mean large), and a pitcher of Blue Moon (mmm).

The pizza was seriously, the best pizza I’ve ever had in my life.  Again—if you are ever in Wyoming you HAVE to visit the BearTree!

Sorry, I know this post is a little long winded—but I felt I had to share our perfect date day, which lead me to think of this challenge:


We all know that being married and still getting to go on those date days/nights, is sometimes hard, but I am challenging you to plan a day—once a month—-and go out!!! You don’t have to spend a lot of money—you don’t have to spend any money at all, but just go!!

**You can take your kiddos too—we are going to try and take them on at least one “date day” before the end of the year—but try and get a few where you can go sans kiddos**

Our plan for this challenge, is to try something new every single month, and we challenge you to too!! Whether that is having a picnic in the mountains, going for a simple walk around our town (can you believe we’ve never done that), going on a ATV excursion, going horseback riding, or simply going to dinner at a new place!  Take some chances 🙂  Have some FUN!!!

The main reason I felt that this challenge was needed, for me (I’m sure some of you out there can relate), was because this one simple date day—one day where me and my husband could be together without distractions, and other obligations– really reminded me why I married this man.  Now, don’t think that I don’t know why every single day—but just having a little jolt of excitement and fun, really brought so much light back into our marriage that is easy to forget about between the daily grind of life.

When you go on your date, I want to hear what you did!! Feel free to comment or if you would like to go into more detail, send pictures and your date story to and we might feature you in October’s edition of the “Married Date Challenge”.  


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