Every morning I wake up with this huge list of things that I absolutely HAVE to do that day.. I think most mom’s do.  The problem with my list is….

This list doesn’t exist…..

…and I rarely get everything done that I planned on.  Like today, for example, if I would have wrote out a list it would have said:

  1. Wake up early (I got out of bed at 11)
  2. Clean up the house (I did the dishes, but definitely didn’t clean)
  3. Do Laundry (Nope. Nope. Nope. Didn’t even think about it… who needs clean socks?)
  4. Go to the Bank (Nope. Sent my husband right before they closed)
  5. Crochet an entire order (Nope.  I got a pair of newborn pants done though)
  6. Decide what we are having for dinner (It’s nearly dinner time and NOPE, still have no idea.. maybe pizza??)
  7. Pay some Bills (I spent a good 25 minutes looking for the one bill I really needed to pay and nope, it’s missing)
  8. Send some important mail (Nope)
  9. Make some of the Kid’s doctor appointments (Nope)
  10. Do more laundry before bed (I might get that one done around midnight….)

If I wrote this list down last night… I probably would have did at least ONE thing on it.. but I am a scatter brain, and even when I have lists, I’m usually running around the house doing 1/2 of one thing and then starting another, while I’m thinking about something completely different.  Lists don’t always work for me!


Every day, no matter what else I have to do, I always try and follow this list, and I’ve found that it truly is the most important:

  1. Listen to my kids
  2. Teach them something
  3. Hug and kiss my husband
  4. Learn something new
  5. Have some ME time (even if it’s just sitting in silence, drinking my coffee for 5 minutes)
  6. LAUGH
  7. Make sure the house is sort-of presentable (this is an all day chore so sometimes I skip it—haha)
  8. Have FUN
  9. Breathe—Try not to stress TOO much
  10. Make sure my family knows they are loved

Even though I don’t write a list out of what I should do everyday… I know what is the most important and the other things will happen eventually.  What is important is that I take the time to cherish my life, my family, and all the “little things”.   I think ALL scatter-brained mom’s can agree that it’s the little things that make the biggest impact in our lives at the end of the day 🙂


{An Important List for Moms}
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