Hey Everyone 🙂  Marisa here!!! I know we have been slacking on the blog posts, but I have THREE (at the minimum) to share with you this week 🙂  I hope you are sticking around and checking them out because we LOVE when you do!!!

Tonight I wanted to do a quick little blog and share our new family pictures 🙂 I also wanted to share a few things I have learned from our 2013 pictures to now, and what worked really well for us this year!

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First off, I LOVE our Photographer Alex Marie Photography!! If you are in Wyoming or in the surrounding states you NEED to check her out 🙂

You can check out her Facebook page:  HERE

…and her website:  HERE

Alex has always been AMAZING with my kiddos and so easy to be around! 🙂  She did absolutely amazing with our pictures from 2013 too 🙂

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Whenever I set a date for family pictures…. I immediately start freaking out about what we will wear!! Of course we have to buy new clothes.. because my children are MESSY and none of their “new” clothes lasts longer than a week or so…. so I start browsing Pinterest (which is the best AND worst invention of the internet, I spend WAY too much time on there).

What color combination should we do?  Is that too much green?  We shouldn’t wear white, right…or is it black?  Where do I find something like this?  What if this doesn’t match?  What store am I ordering from?  Where’s the sales???

The uncertainties go on.. and on… and on.. and subsequently Mommy goes crazy!

***We live in “The Middle of Nowhere, Wyoming” so online shopping is usually our “go-to”.

This year I decided I was NOT going to stress….

I also decided that online shopping was not going to work this year.  For our 2013 pictures, I spent at least a week shopping online and it was a mess!  I ended up ordering all my kids three outfits EACH, myself two (thinking I would return some–which I never did), and then I forgot to order anything for my husband… Oooppps!!! So this year we made a quick trip to H&M, grabbed the kiddos clothes, then shopped at Old Navy for me and my husband 🙂

Shopping in store was SO much easier (except for the fact that I was trying to chase three crazy kids and a zoned out husband around).  I found Oaklee’s dress first.  It was on SALE (I think it was $7)… but I didn’t find anything that really “matched” her dress for the other kids.  Finally after freaking out for a good 10 minutes I decided that I would go with a more “pastel” theme and find something similar for Kinsley and Peyton.  Kinsley actually ended up picking out her own skirt and shirt (our little diva) and Peyton’s was easy—white and grey go with everything and baby blue shorts for the win!  I think I did a pretty good job 🙂

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Next, I just ran into Old Navy with my husband and kiddos in the car (after we tried to shop together and it was a DISASTER).  I grabbed shirts I thought would match for my husband (I actually grabbed 8.. haha they were on super sale too!!) and two dresses for me (Mom needs her options).

I love the pictures of just me and George…. in 2013 we didn’t do ONE picture of just us—and I really regretted it, so it was on our “must have” list for this year and I am in LOVE!

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When I got home, I panicked a bit, wondering if the outfits “matched” or looked good together, but since we were already home.  I just put them away (so the kids didn’t wear them before hand and ruin them, haha) and didn’t get them out again until picture day.

I think we ending up “matching” pretty great 🙂

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Once we arrived for our pictures, I made a little secret pact with myself that I would NOT freak out about the kids not smiling, and I would not be crabby with the way they were acting.  In our 2013 pictures I was a CRAB….and that was no fun at all! Here’s a hilarious “Outtake”….. we look really happy don’t we 😉 haha!

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This year I really focused on going with the flow and letting the kids…… (get this) be KIDS 🙂  This is my best piece of advice that I can give to other mommas out there getting family pictures—-Smile, relax, and enjoy yourself!! Not everyone is smiling in every single picture, sometimes the kids are standing on one leg, sometimes they are dancing.. but guess what???? They are REAL and we love them!!

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Do you have any advice for other families getting pictures?  What works best for you?  I would LOVE to hear from you!!

Thanks for stopping by!! <3/Marisa


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