We bought our first home in November of 2014. Buying your first home is SCARY!  We felt so blessed to finally make this jump and to be able to actually buy a home after years of working on our credit, looking at “wrong” houses and hitting road blocks.  We first looked at our house in October of 2014.  It was just added to the market and we almost over looked it.  Our town is small, and usually there’s less than 10 houses for sale, and maybe only 1-2 that were in our price range.  Our house was listed as a 2 bedroom, and with three kids it seemed like a waste to even look..


As soon as we walked in my husband said in my ear, “This is it!” Honestly, I laughed at him. I had looked at the pictures online and it looked “okay” but was definitely not what I thought my dream home would be.  This changed as we walked through the house… I was able to overlook the pale yellow paint and shaggy carpet, and start seeing the potential 🙂  There was a big kitchen (HUGE compared to the duplex we were living in for the last 2 years), a GIANT living room, an extra den, an OFFICE FOR ME, storage for all my yarn, a great back yard, a loft upstairs that could easily be a 3rd bedroom, and an unfinished basement – which we could finish and have 2 more bedrooms in the future! Here’s a few pictures before we moved in:

The Living/Dining Room—Shaggy carpet, and yellow EVERYWHERE!!
My office and yarn storage!
A side view of the kitchen

The day we moved in we had all these awesome dreams and goals! We wanted to rip up the carpet, refinish the hardwood underneath and paint over all the yellow walls. We wanted shades of grey, instead. 🙂

We started painting right away. Oaklee was a great helper… for all of about five minutes!

10712890_10203096957927013_7077341831720579549_n  1939695_10203096997007990_6351272633296903129_n

Then we peeked under the carpet (EEEEE hardwood!!)


And my husband started doing the floor that night! I thought, “wow we are off to a great start! We are going to get the house exactly how we want it before we even move in!”


I was wrong…

About 1/2 way through painting the living room, I came to the realization that I. HATE. PAINTING… and I am horrible at it.  There’s still paint spots on the ceiling, on the carpet in the kids’ rooms, and we STILL haven’t touched the trim. Haha! We also still have painter’s tape on the walls!

But it looked pretty good if you don’t look too closely! 😉


Now, for the next part of our story, I feel like I need a disclaimer; *I LOVE MY HUSBAND AND HE IS AMAZING* …he just doesn’t do well with finishing projects. And to his defense, neither do it.

**Part two of our story will be coming soon: {The Projects that Never End}**

I would love to hear your house buying stories and how you jumped right into house projects! Did it work for you? Are you still remodeling and changing things today? Are you still finishing up those first projects you started? Tell me about it 🙂  Give me some advice – we can definitely use some!


{Our First Home… Part 1: Jumping In}
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