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Hey ya’ll! My name is Rachael! I am 27 years young, living life to the fullest with my amazing husband of (almost) 6 years and our two rambunctious boys — Aiden (6) and Jaxon (3). For the last 3 years, home has been a little town, tucked away in the mountains in the middle of New Mexico.


I am a stay-at-home/work-at-home mom. My life revolves around my love for Jesus and essential oils; homeschooling my two boys, running my crochet business, and ‘trying’  to maintain a some-what sane household! There is certainly never a dull moment!


Throughout the recent years of trying to take on the roles of mom, wife, homemaker, teacher, business owner and feeling like everything needing to be 110% all of the time, I have since come to the realization that life can be quite unpredictable/chaotic — and that is OKAY. I have learned to be brave and EMBRACE the chaos. We only get one life so we need to make the most of each and every moment.


I want to invite you all into my life! I want to share the triumphs and the struggles of my day-to-day life as a stay-at-home/work-at-home mom! We are so excited to have you all follow us on this journey called life!


phillipsfamily71 (1 of 1) Hello Everyone!!  I’m Marisa.  I am the Mommy to two crazy little girls (Kinsley-6, Oaklee-3) and wild little red head step son (PJ-5).  My family and I live in a small town in Wyoming, it’s small, it’s quiet (sometimes boring), but it’s PERFECT! We’ve been here for nearly three years and we love it!!

Peyton, Kinsley and Oaklee Spring 2015

10/11/12: I married my middle school boyfriend, George.  We found each other again a couple years after high school, blended our families and started our life together.  I know everyone says it, but I truly married my best friend—even though he does drive me crazy like most husbands do 😉

George and me with keys to our first home <3 November 2014

I am a stay-at-home, work-at-home, full-time college MOM.  My life is crazy, but I really wouldn’t have it any other way. I am currently a Junior getting my BA in Psychology 😀  I hope to be a family and marriage counselor someday!

If someone would have told me that when I became a mom I would love to cook, craft, crochet, and play with kids all day long—I would have thought they were insane! Being a mom has changed my life 100%—it’s chaotic each and everyday, but it’s a blessing!

I really enjoy trying new things and taking this crazy life by the horns each and everyday!  In our blog I promise to share my obsession for essential oils, YUMMY recipes, FREE crochet patterns, home decor ideas (we just bought our first home in November 2014 and are SLOWLY remodeling), and fun things to do with kiddos!!


We can’t promise that life will ever be easy…

it WILL be chaotic, but it’s time to be BRAVE and jump right in!

Thank you so much for checking out our blog!! We are so excited you are here!  Leave a comment or email us at if you have any questions or requests!!!

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