As a Wife, Mom, Business owner and WOMAN… I really have to remind myself quite often of the things that don’t matter in my life!  Sometimes I find that if I don’t consciously remind myself of these things then I obsess over them… ALL DAY LONG!!

In the past few weeks I have been focusing on my stress levels and making a list of the things that I do not have to focus on, so that I won’t become overwhelmed and stressed.

It’s summer right?? We are supposed to be HAVING FUN!!  Here’s my list, I hope it can help you to:

It doesn’t matter…..

  1. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t directly effect YOU or your family!!
    • Don’t get caught up in the drama.  So what if Suzie is mad at Lucy because she skipped a play date… So what if Mary gets a babysitter every night so she can go on dates!  It is easy to obsess over the drama—but if it doesn’t effect you then don’t let it add to your stress!!
  2. It doesn’t matter if YOU can’t change it!!
    • In my life, I seem to obsess about things that I can absolutely not change or fix and it STRESSES ME OUT TO THE MAX!!! I’ve come to realize that if I can’t change it, then why should I obsess about it?  I can’t tell someone else to change it—it’s not my job.  I can’t worry about IF it will change–I can’t control that.  I can only worry about what *I* can do!
  3. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the PAST!!
    • I really am not one to obsess over the past, but it is easy to let it impact my thinking for TODAY!  I have come to realize that (refer to the previous bullet) I CAN’T CHANGE IT so I need to LET IT GO!  It does nothing for my day-to-day life if I worry about what happened yesterday, or last year, or 10 years ago.  I don’t want to be the woman who holds a grudge.. I don’t want to be mean to someone and hold things against them because they were mean to me before.  I don’t want to base my daily decisions on the past.  I want to live, let go, and focus on the NOW!
  4. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the FUTURE!!
    • I — but I’m sure it’s true for everyone— worry about tomorrow.  Sometimes I take this worry to an extreme.  I find myself creating entire scenarios of what “might” happen tomorrow, or a week from now, a year from now, or 20 years from today… but I have come to realize that this is taking away from my TODAY!!! I am not a psychic.. I cannot accurately know what is going to happen anytime after this present moment, so why am I wasting my time stressing about the future?   **I WILL do things TODAY that will impact my future, sure!! I will teach my children manners, I will stand up for what’s right, I will make plans and goals, but focusing solely on things that we cannot change or determine is just wasting my time in this present moment**
  5. It doesn’t matter if it’s not a big deal!!
    • Having three kids, I really have to remind myself of this constantly… all day, everyday.  I often find myself worrying about the “little things”: is the house spotless, is the laundry put away, are my kids watching too much TV, do I look like I just crawled out of bed, when was their last shower, when was the last time I dusted that fan, why is there dirt on the floor AGAIN, did they eat too many popsicles today, is it bad that I didn’t enforce bedtime??  And the list goes on and on….  I have to remind myself that the little things really don’t matter! Are my kids happy? Are they healthy?  Did I teach them anything today (even if it was just that they need to put the toilet seat down after they pee)?  Did they have FUN? Did I TRY? If I focus on all the “little things” every single day then I have no time to enjoy my family, so I have to learn to let the little things slide!

Life is NOT easy!! Parenting is NOT easy, there’s no manual… but we have to remember that if we try, WE CAN DO IT!!! There’s no reason to stress about the things that don’t matter.  Focus on the important stuff—let some things slide and everyone will survive and your sanity will stay in tact 🙂  



{5 Things That REALLY Don’t Matter} –A Post About Life, Parenting, and Focusing on the Important Stuff!
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