Lately, I’ve been¬†in one of “those moods”, you know the mood where you pick on anything and everything you can find, and it just irks you to no end ūüôā ¬†Well today I’ve decided to rant about:


5 Facebook Friends We LOVE to Hate


The Advice Giver is that Facebook friend that has a solution for EVERYTHING that you post. ¬†It doesn’t matter if it’s a funny status, a silly status, a random status, or just a picture of your day–they know the solution for EVERYTHING!! I shaved my dog the other day, and got a long list of “why” I should not have done it…. Did I ask, Nope! ¬†But Yes, I got about 20 reasons why I am horrible for doing it. ¬†You can post something like “Oh man, why won’t my kids eat their dinner?!” <—- a normal Facebooker would know this is a rhetorical question. ¬†The Advice Giver will spend the next 45 minutes telling you why you are a bad mom and how to fix it.


Vague Facebook posts are the WORST!!! We all have at least one friend who posts something like, “Send prayers, this week is going to be tough” or “Today was the worst day of my life” or “You know who you are, you snotty little brat—you’re not going to get away with this!!!” ¬†HAHA. ¬†Now once someone replies with, “what’s going on?”, the Vague-Booker is quick to answer with, “I can’t talk about it right now”… well lady—-WHY ARE YOU POSTING ABOUT IT IN THE FIRST PLACE!?! ¬†Now once in a while these posts are FINE.. But once a week, once a day, those posts are ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!! ¬†Don’t post your crap on Facebook and then leave out the details that we are all¬†dying to know!


Okay, so most of us went to school… most of us know that there’s such things as periods, exclamation points, commas, question marks, etc. ¬†Here’s a little newsflash: ¬†JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE ONLINE DOES NOT MAKE THESE PUNCTUATION MARKS OPTIONAL!!!! ¬†I know you in person– I know you know how to read, I know you know how to write!!! Just because you are ranting does NOT make it okay for you to write 105 lines with NO PUNCTUATION!! ¬†I¬†WILL¬†DELETE YOU!!!


As we get older, we all come to the realization that posting about all your D-R-A-M-A¬†on Facebook is LAME—, but we still keep all those “train wrecks” who post anything and everything on our¬†friends’ list. ¬†Why you ask?? Because truthfully….. no one can look away from a train wreck. ¬†Here’s a little piece of advice: ¬†STOP POSTING ABOUT YOUR DRAMA. ¬†It is really fun for us to read that you got in a bar fight with your sister’s, ex husband’s, new girlfriend…. but really…. think about how you look to your 1000 Facebook friends?? I can guarantee that 95% of them are watching the train wreck right along with me, it’s fun for us–but really just sad for you.


As a mom, I often post things that are really exciting stepping-stones that my kids’ have done, such as when Oaklee took her first steps, or Kinsley wrote her name for the first time…. but as mom’s we ALL know those moms that comment, “Oooo Suzie started walking at 9 months” or “Drew is in Kindergarten and we already have him writing cursive”. ¬†Is this a competition??? ¬†WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO WIN?! ¬†Or maybe I’ll post a status about what I made for dinner, thinking that I am totally kicking butt by making something other than just giving them cereal for the 4th time this week, and then your “friend” replies with, “Oh that sounds nice, we had baked salmon with capers and spinach salad” <—-okay, okay, you win–AND I hate you. ¬†This little petty competition of who is better, is RIDICULOUS. ¬†First off, why the hell do you think I care what YOU did? ¬†I’m posting about my life.. haha! ¬†Secondly, ¬†You really aren’t that cool, ¬†so see you later —> “de-friend”.

****Now, that I’ve shared these Facebook Friends that we LOVE to hate, I have to put a little disclaimer in here that I “might” be talking about you…. please don’t take this to heart. You know I still love you. ¬†Also, I “might” be guilty of doing 1 or 2 of these things in my Facebook lifetime, sorry about that, I’m sure you hate me too! ūüôā ¬†****

Thanks for reading!! ¬†As always, comment below with those Facebook friends that YOU love to hate, or leave me a comment on what you think about this post ūüôā


{5 Facebook Friends We LOVE to Hate}
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